Attendee Profiles

IPIC is for everyone!

The people who attend IPIC represent a wide range of industry roles. Owners are encouraged to bring members of their team and family. From production and marketing personnel to significant others and children – IPIC truly welcomes everyone. If you’re looking to get the most value out of a trip to IPIC, we highly recommend sending a passionate team member. Trust us, you’ll reap the benefits when they return back to work, inspired and motivated!

Hands-on decision making

Owners should attend IPIC to gather the tools needed to support long-term business strategies and to accumulate new ideas for future growth. IPIC makes your business more profitable.

Team development + operations

Managers should attend IPIC to discover the latest techniques for developing team members, reducing costs, streamlining operations and elevating the customer experience.

Production Team Member
Workflow + new skills

Learn everything others are doing to improve workflow, productivity and efficiency. Discover new services to remain relevant and new production techniques to enhance your offerings.

Marketing Team Member
Online + in-store advertising

Marketing team members should attend IPIC to learn all there is to know about online (including website development, social media, email, SEO + paid advertising) and in-store (including displays, merchandising, signage + service) marketing.

Supplying Partner
Exhibiting supplier to IPI members

Supplying Partners in the photo and print industry love exhibiting at IPIC because it is inclusive (attend everything alongside members) and you are provided with valuable education + networking opportunities that create long-term partnerships.

Industry Partners
Industry friends of IPI

Our industry friends come from other membership associations + trade cooperatives, international entities and various publications. We welcome their participation as we work to revolutionize our industry by making EVERYONE wildly successful!