Share at IPIC

Share Your Story of Success

As part of the IPI family your experiences provide incredible value to the organization. You are an expert and others can learn from your success! We encourage you to share your story at IPIC 2020!


Have a topic that you’d like discussed? A problem you need hacked? A demonstration you need to see? A different level (more or less advanced) of something that was presented in the past? Let me know!

To share YOUR BREAKTHROUGH story, complete this speaker + topic proposal formThis is only a proposal. The IPI HQ Team will review your request and determine how it best fits into our programming. You may be tasked with any of the following, or others that we haven’t thought of yet!

  • emotional and inspirational story of success, triumph and victory from 2019 and 2020 for 30 second to 3 minutes pre-recorded videos (We might request that some are presented in live presentations, interviews or panels.)

    • stories of innovation
    • tales of community involvement
    • anecdotes of B2B momentum
    • chronicles of exceptional customer service
    • legends of conquered ambitions, goals and milestones
    • narratives of networking nuggets turned to gold
    • accounts of necessary Supplying Partner services
    • yarns of joyful customer experiences
  • Supplying Partners: Supplying Partner Demonstration – 30 minutes max (combination of pre-recorded and live content with live Q&A and video chat)
  • Supplying Partners: 2 minute pre-recorded or live story, interview or panel contribution of member or customer success for our large group general session
  • Supplying Partners: 30 second pre-produced commercial for Supplying Partner product/service to be shown as transitioning in and out of our large group general sessions
  • keynote presentation in our large group general session (up to 7 minutes maximum, including audience participation/Q+A)
  • presenter for short solo segment in our large group general session (2-3 minutes)
  • presenter for panel, town hall or fishbowl discussion in our large group general session (2-7 minutes)
  • provide pre-produced video for viewing in our large group general session (30 seconds to 3 minutes)
  • breakout session (including video demos), either alone or with co-presenters – 15 minutes of planned content max with time for Q&A and audience participation
  • User group or intensive brainstorming networking discussion, either alone or with co-moderators + note-takers – 25 minutes max
  • discussion moderator + note-taker at a networking/brainstorming event
  • also looking for tech-savvy, Zoom-lovin’ session hosts

With our virtual format, all sessions can be pre-recorded or presented live. For both, speakers will need to be available to live chat (text) during the session and to answer questions/initiate audience discussion (on camera) after the session.

Our theme this year is “BREAKTHROUGH.” We are focused on topics that will grow sales, increase profits, reduce costs, streamline operations and create traffic. Topics should be introduced and emphasized by the use of storytelling and specifics should be relayed in the form of interactive and demonstration methods. If possible, work should be completed in session or while on site, eliminating implementation challenges upon returning home. If this isn’t possible, we are looking to provide excellent step-by-step instructions on how to easily implement initiatives immediately following the event. We have learned over previous years that, with the limited time available, members prefer “meat” (actionable items, hands-on learning, etc.) to theory or history, etc.

What are we looking for?

  • education for every level, beginner to advanced
  • topics in the areas of management, operations, strategic planning, production, project management, sales and marketing
  • new, profitable products + services
  • more efficient ways of doing any business function
  • ways to boost sales + profitability

IPI Supplying Partners and other service providers, we will be happy to help you promote your products and services to our members, but please do not make your presentation a pure sales pitch. Class time should be focused on instruction and interaction. Build relationships with our members through the exchange of information and they will be loyal customers/clients. We have many other ways that we can assist you in selling your product/service at the event and throughout the year – just ask us!

We will be glad to provide you with any information that you may need to make your presentation a success. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns ( Thank you for your proposal!