Michelle Johnson


Michelle Johnson



Michelle is the champion of community and brand building at The Anchor Group. Her background in both Human
Resources and Event Management taught her that shared purpose makes a community — and a successful
gathering. Michelle’s true expertise is getting clients to start with a vision and carry it through to the end — a task
requiring collaboration on a wide scale with seamless execution and guiding with a purpose. Her professional career
started at The Timberland Company as the Director of Global Events and today successfully owns The Anchor
Group, an agency specializing in events and engagements.

Event Management is where Michelle truly excels. Her ability to start each client off with a vision of what they
want their event to be and then uses her skills to ensure that what the attendee is to walk away with at the end of
the week gets met is why they keep coming back to her with every event they do. Her strengths in the gathering
of what they need to learn and how to create an experience for them is the key to her success as an owner and
a producer. Michelle manages an amazing team of event planners and partners under the Anchor umbrella to
produce events all over the world with clients that have been with her since she began in this industry.

In addition to managing events, Michelle leads the engagement side of Anchor Group. She is a public figure and
seen as a leader in the industry of meeting professionals globally. She works with several chapters in the Meeting
Professionals International community as their business partner and coach. Similar to that of her events, she
works with Board of Directors to help them build their annual business plans, create synergy among new and
returning team members and drives them for operational effectiveness and financial stability. Michelle is also an
Emcee and a public speaker. Her audience engagement has become widely known and respected with repeat
conferences and industry events.

She’s an indispensable teammate because she urges individuals and companies to step outside their comfort
zones and push their creativity and expectations.