On-Site Appointments

Sometimes it’s helpful to speak directly with an IPI HQ team member or a Fujifilm representative in a quiet and focused setting. For that reason, we’ve dedicated time for you to do just that – in person at IPIC! Appointments will be limited to 15 minutes. To be most efficient with your session time time, please bring any materials useful for your appointment such as log in credentials, list of topics to discuss, etc. Please arrive on time for your meeting; we will end your session on time to prepare for our next guest.

The Print Refinery

DURING THE EXPO: Meet privately with a member of The Print Refinery development team to discuss your business goals and determine if The Print Refinery model is a solution to your long-term plan.


MSP + MMS Help Desk

DURING THE EXPO: Meet individually with our marketing team to ask questions, troubleshoot or discuss our MSP program or MMS social media, email or digital signage solutions. Meeting time is limited to 15 minutes. *Please bring your social media credentials in case we need to access those accounts directly.



THROUGHOUT THE WEEK: Meet privately with the FUJIFILM team to discuss equipment, paper, chemistry, inks, consumables, service contracts and the new low shipping minimum of $500. Learn about their Xerox digital press printer DEALS and sign up for the 3PG Creative Product Fulfillment program on the spot.